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An Overview of Detective Conan’s Universe!

Gosho Aoyama is the creator of the popular and enduring Japanese detective manga series Detective Conan/Case Closed. It tells the story of the exploits and cases of Shinichi Kudo, the main character and high school investigator, who changes into a child while looking into a covert organization. Since its 1994 serialization, the original manga series has been expanded into several derivative works, such as live-action TV shows, anime series, films, OVAs, special comics, and movies. Since its 1996 premiere, the anime has been well-received. For years, the series’ many instances have delighted innumerable regular viewers and reviewers. This manga series is regarded as one of the most well-liked in Japan. Apart from the numerous tributes to writer Gosho Aoyama and his creations in his native Hokuei, which include a museum, there are also monuments of the main characters and supporting cast members of Detective Conan in other public spaces around Japan.

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Detective Conan’s Past From 1994 Up Until Now

Since the 1994 start of the Detective Conan manga serialization, the series has expanded into several spin-offs in a variety of media. Even in 2021, new shows related to the Detective Conan property are being created consistently! Let’s take a look back at this well-known series’ development from its debut to the present!

The Main Characters from the Cases

Conan Edogawa / Shinichi Kudo

The primary character of the Detective Conan television series, Conan Edogawa, is really Shinichi Kudo. He may appear seven years old, but in reality, he is seventeen. He is referred to as “The Savior of the Japanese Police” and the “Holmes of Heisei” (a reference to the Japanese era name) because of his superior capacity for thinking. In Japan’s Kanto area, he is a well-known high school investigator.

Ran Mori

Ran Mori, the series’ protagonist, is a seventeen-year-old high school student. She leads her karate squad and possesses exceptional karate skills. She was a childhood friend of Shinichi Kudo and has feelings for him in secret; however, she is unaware that Conan and Shinichi are the same individual. She is the daughter of attorney Eri Kisaki and investigator Kogoro Mori.

Kaito Kid

Kaito Kid, a high school student and gentleman thief, goes by Kaito Kuroba in real life. When he made the decision to go for the people who killed his father, he turned into the second generation Kaito Kid. There are several additional monikers for this enigmatic criminal. He is skilled at hiding his identity and employing magical methods. A white hang glider cap serves as his primary tool. a refined guy with an occasional playful streak.

Shuichi Akai

Shuichi Akai, the elder brother of the Akai family and a 32-year-old elite American FBI investigator, with exceptional Jeet Kune Do skills. He has exceptional sniping skills as well, being able to use both his hand and his eye to attack targets at extremely long range. He harbors a personal grudge against the nefarious Black Organization for the murder of his previous romantic partner.

Rei Furuya / Toru Amuro

Rei Furuya, a 29-year-old public security police officer employed by the Police Security Bureau, a division of the National Police Agency, is also known by his alias, Toru Amuro. He is a spy with the codename Bourbon and was deployed to look into the Black Organization. Rei and Shuichi Akai had a tense relationship because of Scotch’s death, Rei’s companion in the Black Organization.

Fans of the show adore the characters who were previously presented, but there are still a ton of new characters to discover in the narrative! Ultimately, we believe that the only way you can truly appreciate the qualities that have made Detective Conan relevant for so long is to read it for yourself, so do so as soon as you can!