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Australharmony Biographical Register G Ga-gly

At All Saints’ Church, Singleton, on the seventeenth inst., by the Lord Bishop of Newcastle, assisted by the Revd. James Blackwood, B.A., incumbent of All Saints’, Maxwell Philips, eldest son of J. B. Holmes, Esq., of The Wilderness, Lochinvar, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the late Revd. On Thursday the 13th Isabella (“Bella”) Veronica MELODIA insant, at St. Phillip’s Church, by the Reverend Mr. Cowper, Alfred Glennie, Esq., of Darlington, Hunter’s River,

OVERTURE TO KING HENRY IV. QUARTETTE – HORN, BASSOON, AND CLARIONETS. – Nightingale Club (by request), by Mr. Levey.

THIS Evening, Thursday February 14, might be offered a new Romantic Drama, entitled THE VAMPIRE BRIDE, or WAKE NOT THE DEAD, during which a Lady Amateur will seem. A number of singing and dancing. A Solo on the Clarionette by Mr. Gatland. To conclude with a model new Farce, referred to as THE ORIGINAL. The Hall could be let for any respectable meetings, lectures, concert events, &c, by software to Mr. Jacobs.

Under most disadvantageous circumstances this woman acquits herself remarkably well. Mr. Gibson, the favorite Irish singer, can also be engaged on the Shamrock, and his humorous and nice type of singing is no small attraction. Mr. Dixon, the tenor, and Mr. Leman, bass singer, are nicely deserving of discover. The latter gentleman has a really fine powerful voice, which permits him to sing sure songs with striking impact.

and ss a chunk of colonial artwork we shall be glad to see it extensively patronised. We have obtained a copy of a model new volunteer’s song, written by Mr. Donald McLeod, and set to music by Mr. Henry Pounsett. The music is superbly lithographed, and the piece is got up in Messrs. Penman anti Galbraith’s greatest fashion,

Isabella MELODIA

We consider it is the intention of a number of gents to organise a live performance to be given to M. Gassner in recognition of this philanthropic endeavour . The exertions of the liberal minded within the musical world, have added a considerable sum to the funds of this wonderful institution throughout the earlier few weeks. It seems that the “Moonlight Promenade Concert,” given, with the type permission of Colonel Waddy and officers,

WITH the permission of Colonel Waddy, the Band of the fiftieth (Queen’s own) gave one other Promenade Concert within the Domain, on Thursday evening, this time in help of the Funds of the School of Industry. The “Semiramide” overture, and selections from “L’Africaine” and ” Il Trovatore,” have been greater than “price all the money” the general public have been requested to pay for admittance. The new piece by Mr. Gassner, entitled, “The Nightmare,” supposed to illustrate our glorious City Council hubbubs, created a good deal of amusement, especially the “Great Squabbling” on the “Council of War.”

underneath the conductorship of M. Gassner, for charitable functions, have been very profitable, and a big sum – probably not much less than £ has been contributed to the varied native charities and kindred establishments on this city. The last of these open-air live shows occurred on the 25th prompt, and was well attended.

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After landing in England, having no introduction or letter to anybody, and unable to speak the language, Signor Gassner went to Malta, where his musical training proved of great service to him. Here he joined Her Majesty’s 44th Regiment as Bandmaster, and on that Regiment leaving Malta, about 1851, he joined the Buffs. On the departure of the Buffs shortly afterwards for Greece, Signor Gassner was transferred to Her Majesty’s Ship Bellerophon, commanded by Lord George Paulet, and accompanied that Officer to the Black Sea.

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Signor Gagliardi, PROFESSOR of the Flute and Italian Language, at Mons. Vagnoux, Surgeon Dentist, 84, Macquarie-street. N. B.- Music carefully copied at moderate costs. – SIGNOR GAGLIARDI will be pleased to attend gentlemen at their residence, or to offer directions on the flute, at 36, Palmer-street, Woolloomooloo.

Abruptly Solo, Granger Saves The Day

and strict confidence on the part of the men of their chief, and on the a half of that leader a sound judgement and inventive appreciation of the topic in hand. All this must have been apparent, to the surface public; however solely to those that are acquainted with Signor Gassner in private life may be recognized his broad experience of music, both in its approach and in its literature. So many alternatives have we had of hearing them that, we have come to contemplate the Band of the 50th Regiment nearly an institution in Edinburgh.