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How to Select a Cleaning Firm for Housekeeping Services

How do you even start the process of choosing a cleaning company? Everyone is looking for the best offer, but it’s important to choose a company that is not only trustworthy and knowledgeable but also able to deliver value for the money.

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We consider the nine most important factors to consider when choosing a cleaning firm, based on in-depth market research and feedback from existing clients.

These are the key characteristics to search for in a commercial cleaning company that will serve your hotel, restaurant, or other establishment.


Employee quality

Total Settlement

The Financial Value

Round-the-Clock Assistance


a history of achievement

Observation of Specifics

Effective Management

Proficiency in Cleaning Staff

Being a new, growing cleaning company, professionalism is crucial to our business plan. To ensure that our clients receive the finest service possible, our staff members receive the support and training they require.

Discreet cleaning services need to be consistently well-groomed and presented. We provide them branded clothing to make ensure our polished appearance is maintained.

Desinking Employee Quality

Our screening process is rigorous yet unbiased. To join our expanding cleaning company, we are seeking individuals that are trustworthy, honest, and prepared to put in a lot of effort. Our staff retention rate is high, and we always strive to expand our network to accommodate the increasing demand.

Entire Cleaning Solution for Commercial Sector

Real Cleaning Services provides a wide range of cleaning services, including daily office cleaning, weekly and monthly hotel and restaurant cleans, and specialized cleaning solutions like graffiti removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning, stone cleaning, window cleaning, and deep cleaning, among others.

In addition, our company provides business restrooms and medical facilities with trash disposal services.

Value for Money

Our clients provide us with feedback that shows they are satisfied with the quality of service they are getting. Our prices are fair and tailored to your particular requirements.

We are confident that you will benefit from using our services.

24-Hour Cleaning Suitable for Your Business

Our clients require us to operate around the clock. Whatever the situation, day or night, we are sure we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Reliable Cleaning Solution

We are certain that our extensive and growing network of highly qualified cleaning workers will exceed your expectations when searching for a reliable cleaning company.

Companies need to be certain that our cleaners will arrive on time and complete their tasks effectively. In the unlikely event that one of our employees falls ill and is unable to work, you can be sure that we will be able to promptly assign replacement staff to satisfy your cleaning needs.

A History of Excellent Performance

We support a wide range of companies in London, Kent, and the South East, no matter how big or small. We are confident in our abilities and happy to provide client references upon request. We have a history of offering top-notch cleaning services.

Be Careful with Details

In today’s corporate environment, going above and beyond to delight clients is essential. Our mission is to always exceed our customers’ expectations and become the leading supplier of cleaning solutions in the South East. We give every little detail our full attention.

The way our crew is organized ensures that we will take care of all of your demands. Supervisors are always ready to discuss changes to the services.

A Well-Conducted Administration

The cleaning teams are Real Cleaning Services’ front-line workers, and a strong back office of managers and supervisors ensures that our clients’ demands are met in the background. The management staff at Real Cleaning Services closely monitors everything to guarantee that the greatest service is given at all times.